Concussion Inc.’s Independent Investigation of Utah’s Independent Investigators of the University’s Failed Outside Investigation of the Scandal of Abusive Coach Greg Winslow

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March 11, 2013
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March 12, 2013

As reported yesterday, University of Utah president David Pershing announced the retention of two “independent” investigators who would leave no stone unturned in a probe of the institution’s handling of the Greg Winslow scandal.

A quick review of the resumes of the two lawyers — Michael Glazier of Kansas City and Alan Sullivan of Salt Lake City — shows just how generous it is to label them as independent.

In 2008 the Wall Street Journal called Glazier the “NCAA defender to the stars.” Numerous published articles routinely refer to him as “the cleaner” or “the fixer” — a specialist in helping schools with damage control and fallout pertaining to NCAA violations, often related to recruiting.

Among the schools he has assisted in high profile investigations are the University of Miami and the University of Oregon. In 1998 Glazier overturned Lousiville’s basketball program’s postseason ban based on a technicality. He also lent his expertise to a 22-month long investigation into the Villanova basketball program, which resulted in no loss of scholarships. And the Oklahoma State football program is reported to have paid him handsomely for his assistance with three football cases over the years.

Alan Sullivan is even less of an outsider. He’s a former member of the Utah board of trustees at Utah, and graduated from the Utah law school in 1974. He is one of the most powerful lawyers in the state.

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