Dear ASU President Crow and Athletic Director Patterson: Please Answer a Few Questions From YOUR End of the Investigations of Accused Sex Abuser Swim Coach Greg Winslow

University of Utah Hires ‘Independent’ Greg Winslow Investigators to Investigate ‘Outside’ Investigators Who Screwed Up the ‘Inside’ Investigation
March 11, 2013
Concussion Inc.’s Independent Investigation of Utah’s Independent Investigators of the University’s Failed Outside Investigation of the Scandal of Abusive Coach Greg Winslow
March 12, 2013

Below is the main text of an email and fax sent 14 hours ago to Arizona State University president Michael W. Crow, vice president for university athletics Steve Patterson, and associate athletic director for media relations Mark Brand.


As you are probably aware, the scandal of former Arizona State University assistant swim coach Greg Winslow has exploded for his subsequent employer, the University of Utah. We are publishing this letter and whatever response we receive from you by 2 p.m. PDT Monday.

1. An ASU police report recommends that the Maricopa County attorney charge Winslow with two counts of sexual abuse of a minor in alleged molestation across two years of a swimmer he coached on the USA Swimming youth club, Sun Devil Aquatics, at the ASU Plummer Center, beginning when she was 15. Can you confirm reports that in the course of this investigation, ASU police contacted University of Utah police but asked that the information not be shared with the Utah administration?

2. What is the ASU procedure for campus police to apprise the university leadership of allegations of a sex crime by a coach? What have you been told, and when, with respect to the Winslow investigation?

3. Has ASU notified Winslow’s past employers, such as Saint Cloud University, and the Air Force Academy and the Falfins swim club on that campus?

4. Please explain the relationship of ASU and Sun Devil Aquatics. Are the ASU swim coaches who also coach for the youth club required to get clearance from the athletic department or the university administration, and are they guided by the terms of their ASU employment on how they conduct and report on the activities of this special relationship?

5. Please feel free to add any additional comments or statements.


P.S. ASU has declined to answer our questions. Rocky Harris, senior associate athletics director for external relations, said, “Because it is a legal matter, we are not going to comment further at this time” on the ASU police department investigation of Greg Winslow. Harris reiterated the university’s previously released statement:

“The Arizona State University Police Department conducted a thorough investigation of Greg Winslow on two alleged counts of sexual abuse of a minor that occurred from mid-2006 to mid-2007. Winslow, current University of Utah swimming coach and former ASU assistant coach for swimming and diving from 2003-2007, is accused of allegedly kissing and fondling a female swimmer while employed as head coach for a swimming club that was not, and is not, affiliated with ASU. The alleged victim was a member of a that club, and the alleged incidents occurred at an ASU swimming facility rented by the club. The victim in the case was a teenager at the time and was not, and has never been, a student at the university. The ASU Police Department recently filed a comprehensive report with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, which is currently reviewing the case. For more information, please contact the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.”

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