Stunner: Wisconsin – La Crosse Chancellor Says Only That ‘Alleged Events’ Involving Swim Coach — Former Assistant to Accused Sex Criminal Greg Winslow — ‘Occurred at Another University’

Utah Sources: Recent Departure of Associate Athletic Director Was Tied to Unraveling Swim Coach Greg Winslow Sex Abuse Scandal
March 7, 2013
‘Charlie King Was Another Victim of Greg Winslow’
March 7, 2013

Institutions of higher education can be citadels of extreme incuriosity.

Three days ago we told the story of a University of Utah swimmer suffering a hypoxic seizure during a breath-control drill in Mexico (if Mexico City, it was at high altitude — something we forgot to mention). The swimmer convulsed in the pool, and after being pulled from the water, broke a tooth falling unconscious. The incident was covered up, and one of the people responsible — the major share of the blame goes to now-fired head coach Greg Winslow — was Charlie King, an assistant. Last year King became head swimming coach at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse.

I emailed King for comment. Nothing.

I emailed Wisconsin – La Crosse athletic director Josh Whitman.Nothing.

I emailed university chancellor Joe Gow. Bingo! Gow wrote:

“Sorry, Irv, but because these alleged events occurred at another university I don’t know anything about them.”

Not even an “I’ll look into this serious situation,” let alone a “I’m distressed to learn that in our coach’s previous job he worked under an accused sex criminal and is accused in a cover-up of unsafe training methods.”

Thanks, Chance. Remind me not to send my kids to the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse.


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