Tweeting Senator Richard Blumenthal And His Would-Be Colleague Linda McMahon

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November 1, 2012
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November 1, 2012

Irvin Muchnick@irvmuch

(1/6) Sen. Richard Blumenthal campaigning hard against Linda McMahon, whom he defeated in 2010 and who is now running against Chris Murphy.

(2/6) Blumenthal says the Republican McMahon’s vote would cancel out his own Democratic one in the upper body of Congress.

(3/6) Would McMahon’s election also cancel out Blumenthal’s hard work on traumatic brain injury and independent contractor reform?

(4/6) Oh I forgot — Blumenthal hasn’t done anything about concussions. Unless you count joining the Commerce Committee’s success …

(5/6) … in firewalling the discussion at scapegoating a helmet company — letting $10-billion-a-year NFL off the hook for public health.

(6/6) Blumenthal also co-signed proposed federal bill on independent contractor abuse. But CT Labor Dept audit of McMahon’s WWE was a dud.

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