Washington Post Drowns Itself in Non-Coverage of Indictment of Rapist Coach Rick Curl’s Underling Noah Rucker

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September 21, 2012
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The Vienna (Virginia) Patch, television station WJLA, and the swim news site SwimSwam.com are among the news outlets that have reported the grand jury indictment this week of Noah Rucker, a coach at statutory rapist Rick Curl’s former club, on charges of sex with a minor swimmer Rucker had coached in high school.

Not reporting the development: The Washington Post.

In the course of forwarding the contents of USA Swimming’s crib sheet on the lifetime ban of Curl for what the newspaper delicately calls his “sexual relationship” with then 13-year-old swimmer Kelley Davies, The Post doesn’t even publish a decent timeline of events on a story its own reporter broke.


Irv Muchnick

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