What USA Swimming Chief Chuck Wielgus Swore, on Penalty of Perjury, About Statutory Rapist Coach Rick Curl

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July 26, 2012
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Below is an excerpt of the May 12, 2010, deposition transcript of Chuck Wielgus, the executive director of USA Swimming, in a sexual abuse civil suit against the organization and Brian Hindson, a former club coach. More commentary will follow, but sometimes a document should be allowed to speak for itself. Here the head of swimming’s Congressionally authorized national governing body flashes the form for which he is paid $750,000 a year.


Q Next person I want to talk about is Rick Curl. What do you know about him?

A Not much. I met Rick Curl for the first time probably early in the last decade, when he was — he was a fairly high-level coach, had been a coach of a couple of National Team — or at least one National Team-level athlete. And that was really about my — my only interaction was him was just meeting him and seeing him and talking with him just in a casual manner on a few pool decks.


Q Do you know why he got fired from the University of Maryland?

A I never even knew he worked at the University of Maryland.


Q Did you ever get any information about him having an inappropriate sexual contact with one of his swimmers?

A I have never received any information about that.


Q Is there a file on Rick Curl?

A Not — not that I’m — not that I’m aware of.


Q Are you aware of any settlement that Rick Curl made with his alleged victim?

A I have — I have heard, just within the past three to four weeks, that there was some sort of a settlement between Rick Curl and a victim or a victim’s family. And that’s the first I heard of that.


Q Do you know why he moved to Australia?

A I don’t.


Q Do you know if he moved to avoid criminal prosecution?

A I’ll give you the same answer I gave to the last question.


Q Okay. And you said you learned in the last three to four weeks about some kind of settlement?

A I shouldn’t say I learned. I heard a rumor. I — I would equate learning as knowing for sure, as opposed to –


Q Heard a rumor?

A — hearing something. Right, heard a rumor.


Q Who did you hear the rumor from?

A That’s a good question. I don’t recall who I heard the rumor from, but it — I don’t recall who I heard the rumor from. I can’t say.


Q But the rumor was just to the extent that he paid — he paid a settlement himself, personally? Is that what the rumor was?

A No, no. I just — I — I think I heard it in the context of somebody saying that they had seen his name on a blog or something to that effect.



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