‘Duerson Family’s NFL Lawsuit Is a Public Concussion Debate Game-Changer’ … today at Beyond Chron

‘DUERSON’ by Irvin Muchnick, First Ebook Short From Concussion Inc., on Amazon Kindle
February 23, 2012
George Visger, Author of ‘OUT OF MY HEAD: My Life In And Out of Football,’ Speaks Saturday at Santa Clara Valley Brain Injury Conference
February 24, 2012

The family of Dave Duerson, the ex-National Football League star who shot himself to death almost exactly a year ago at age 50, has sued the NFL for its alleged liability for the brain damage he was found to have in the special autopsy he requested in his suicide note.

In recent months, more concussion-linked litigation has been filed by various groups of former players than even the 24/7 NFL Network could possibly cover. They add up to lots of confusing legalistic wrangling by professionals and their professional mouthpieces. The Duerson case is different, though – a bona fide potential game-changer in terms of both the NFL’s exposure and the public’s broader understanding of what I maintain is the bleak future of the sport of football.

In my first commentary on Duerson for Beyond Chron on February 22, 2011, I wrote, “The gruesome decades-long underground American saga that is the football concussion crisis has never gotten in our faces” quite like this. Now the suit filed in Illinois state court by Dave Duerson’s son Tregg, on behalf of the estate, is about to show everyone exactly why.




‘DUERSON’ by Irvin Muchnick, First Ebook Short From Concussion Inc., Now on Amazon Kindle

(First published November 5th, 2011)

In the first ebook short release from the Concussion Inc. imprint, author Irvin Muchnick presents exclusive new information on the February 2011  suicide of former pro football star Dave Duerson. Muchnick also discusses how this bolsters the argument that the National Football League’s retirement and disability plan board, on which Duerson sat, should reopen all rejected disability claims on which Duerson had deliberated. You can order DUERSON for $1.49 from Amazon Kindle at this link.

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