ARCHIVE 5/8/08: Mr. Kennedy Cops to ‘Mistakes’

Published May 19th, 2009, Uncategorized

Mr. Kennedy Cops to ‘Mistakes’

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Catching up on several-day-old news, I see that Ken “Mr. Kennedy” Anderson, one of the Signature Pharmacy Ten who got suspended last summer by WWE, has admitted to Greg Oliver of SLAM! Wrestling, “I’m going to say that I made mistakes…. I just try to learn from my mistakes, and admit wrongdoing when it’s necessary or when it’s prudent, and just try to move on, man.” The link is

Great, Ken! Now, which category did your acknowledgment of human imperfection fit in this instance — necessity or prudence?

Also, have you considered ringing up Marc Mero in Orlando, Florida, and letting him know the error of your ways? You and he logged a lot of cable TV news time last June and July after the Benoit murder-suicide. When Mero, the erstwhile Johnny B. Badd and Madman Marc Mero (and ex-husband of Sable, the first WWE diva to do a Playboy cover pictorial), held up a list of the dozens of wrestlers he worked with who had died young, and said it was time to clean up wrestling’s drug problem, you attacked his credibility and credentials.

Irv Muchnick