My Monday Piece For Beyond Chron, Plus Other Program Notes

WWE’s New Health Insurance Mandate For Its ‘Contract’ Wrestlers Seems Politically Tone-Deaf
May 19, 2011
Boogaard: Alcohol And Oxycodone
May 21, 2011

My column “Is There Now a Feeding Frenzy of Concussion-Related Sports Suicides?” will be published Monday at Beyond Chron,  the San Francisco online newspaper.

The series here on Dr. Joseph Maroon and the journal Neurosurgery will resume next week.

A huge WWE star of years past, Randy Poffo (“Macho Man Savage”), died this morning at 58 in a car crash in Tampa. According to early reports, he either suffered fatal injuries in the crash or died from the heart attack that caused him to lose control of the car. The tragedy does not appear to have any special significance for the themes of this blog.

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  1. Scott D says:

    RIP Macho Man Randy Savage! Amazing talent! You will be missed! Condolences to the family