Connecticut Columnist Sketches How Linda McMahon Killed State Republican Party, But Ignores Next Step: Government Investigations of WWE

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November 25, 2010
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The always sharp Chris Powell of the Manchester Journal Inquirer talks some sense about the lunacy of a second Linda McMahon run for the Senate. See “Amid  Republican ruins, McMahon plans encore,”

Right on, brother Chris. Unfortunately, Powell – like everyone else at the media throttle in Connecticut – has not gone on to report that there is a government antidote to McMahonism even if there isn’t a political one. The state’s Labor Department is investigating World Wrestling Entertainment for independent contractor abuse, and Senator-elect Richard Blumenthal has at least hinted that he will work to restart investigations of pro wrestling’s occupational health and safety record at the federal level.

More media coverage of all this is on tap for next week. But as far as I know, none is slated in a Connecticut newspaper.

Irv Muchnick

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  1. Scott D. says:

    “Opinion polls found what the election results confirmed, the more people knew about Linda McMahon the less they liked” Simply put she couldn’t run away from the WWE issues, and when she felt like tackling one of them, her responses were one of “giving the company line” as a way of moving on to the next issue. And when you haven’t done enough(politics 101) homework to know what the minimum wage is you’ve got problems! So rather than accepting the facts as they are that even showed of the female vote by a 2 to 1 margin they were turned off by the arrogant smear campaign she ran using money that was made by denying her own wrestling talent that made her all that money, by denying them the benefits they rightfully deserve and then being so callous to go on the record by distancing herself from any responsibilities over the deaths of Lance McNaught by saying she only remembered meeting him once or twice, and then accused Michael Benoit of being a “bitter” person for still trying to come to grips with his son’s double murder suicide and learning what he did about the condition of his son’s brain that was donated to Boston Sports Legacy Institute. The questions will only get tougher Linda not easier. We’re not going away either!

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