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November 20, 2010
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November 22, 2010

This week’s issue of Shortlist, a widely circulated men’s magazine in Great Britain, has an important article by writer James McMahon (no relation to Vince and Linda, obviously), entitled “Is This the Most Dangerous Entertainment in the World?” The piece covers the Chris Benoit murder-suicide and the pandemic of deaths in the wrestling industry, and quotes both Michael Benoit (Chris’s father) and myself. You can view page images at (go to pp. 54-56).

A photo on page 56 is miscaptioned. That is not Chris Benoit with Nancy. Someone thinks it may be Nancy’s first husband (before Chris and before wrestler Kevin Sullivan). Also, in criticism of the World Wrestling Entertainment wellness policy, I’m quoted as saying, in part, that “the men that make money for them don’t get tested.” What I believe I said is not that the top guys don’t get tested at all, but rather that enforcement of the results is erratic. The prime example is Randy Orton, who did not seem to have any consequences from landing on the Signature Pharmacy customer list, while every other WWE performer on the list got suspended.

All in all, Shortlist has made a valuable contribution to the journalism that will drive the next steps in pro wrestling regulation.

Irv Muchnick


  1. JR says:

    link doesn’t appear to work just got blank page

  2. Thanks for the catch. For some reason, I can’t get the link to work. But if you cut-and-paste “” in your browser, it should work.

  3. Bix says:

    The photo is definitely of Jim Daus, Nancy’s first husband. It originally appeared here:

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