Mike Benoit (Chris Benoit’s Father) on Lance Cade’s Death

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August 19, 2010
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August 21, 2010

The Lance Cade story has been told over and over again with the only change being the name itself. Linda McMahon’s reference to Cade as just another wrestler with an addiction issue is reprehensible.

The use of pain killers and sleeping pills within the wrestling world is a clear indictment of the McMahons for their lack of health and safety standards and their lust for ratings and the bottom line. People begin taking pain pills because they are in pain. Addictions become a reality because the wrestlers believe that they are physically unable to participate on a nightly basis without them.

In my son’s case, constant fatigue and difficulty sleeping was a daily issue for him. When speaking to him on the phone, my “how are you doing?” question would always be answered by the statement, “I am tired.” My thought at the time was, “You work less than an hour a day. It must be all the travel that is causing the problem.” But for a man in his thirties, clearly there was more to the story.  Brain damage from concussive blows to the head can cause numerous health issues. Two that stand out are addictions and constant fatigue.

The majority of wrestlers who have passed also dealt with addiction issues. The combination of Lance’s alleged excessive use of pain pills and a sleeping problem makes one wonder if brain trauma was an underlying cause . Coroners need to be given a mandate to test any athlete involved in a contact sport who suffers an untimely death.

The deregulation of the wrestling industry – which Linda McMahon publicly calls one of her greatest  business accomplishments – has put every participant at serious risk. It is my belief that deregulation has left a trail of death and monumental health issues. Up to this point, no company or individual has been held accountable for them.

Mike Benoit

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