July 6, 2016
JUSTICE DENIED: The Untold Story of Nancy Argentino’s Death in Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka’s Motel Room
July 6, 2016
As University of California Re-Ups Football Strength Coach Damon Harrington, Here’s Inventory of Documents Neither Released by Public Officials Nor Published by SF Chronicle
July 10, 2016

THE CHINA SYNDROME: How Athletes and Celebrities Get Their Performance-Enhancing Drugs -- How a Rogue Prosecutor Bungled Their Bust (with Anthony Roberts)

P erformance-enhancing drug use is the scandal in big-time sports and Hollywood that won't go away. This is the first investigative account of the botched prosecution of Internet human growth hormone dealer Signature Pharmacy, and its implications. The who's-who cast of celebrities includes Sylvester Stallone and many other famous entertainers and athletes, and the story of the global marketing of HGH takes readers deep inside the treacheries of Olympic politics. Set against the backdrop of the most successful steroid bust in American history, Operation Raw Deal, THE CHINA SYNDROME ties together headline names, political and big-money interests, sociology, and borderless and anonymous intrigue behind HGH trafficking.

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