Linda McMahon’s Role in the WWE Pedophile Scandal: Additional Resources

How Linda McMahon Managed the WWE Pedophile Scandal’s Damage Control
April 19, 2010
Steroid Doc Prosecutor Accused of Tipping McMahons Says, ‘No Comment’
April 20, 2010

In a 2007 Internet radio conversation with fellow wrestling newsletter writer Bryan Alvarez, Dave Meltzer reminisced about the 1992 Phil Donahue Show. Meltzer had numerous in-depth observations on the scandal of the pedophile ring at Linda and Vince McMahon’s wrestling company, including somewhat more detailed hints about payoffs of other alleged victims. The link (Wrestling Observer/Figure Four subscribers only) is

The whistleblower who sued World Wrestling Entertainment’s predecessor TitanSports, and settled and returned to his job, only to have a second falling out with the McMahons, later did a lengthy interview with a journal called Wrestling Perspective. A preview of Tom Cole’s conversation with Paul MacArthur of Wrestling Perspective is at

In the interview, Cole discussed in some specifics his relationship with Linda McMahon through all this. In the end, when he quit/got fired for good, Linda appeared at his state unemployment hearing to challenge his claim. Apparently, she was much more of a micro-manager in this area than she has professed to be about her corporation’s culture of drugs and death.

I have re-ordered the full text of the Wrestling Perspective piece about WWE’s ugly “past.” (My old copy is imprisoned in an old computer.) When I get it, I’ll summarize the highlights, and if MacArthur grants permission, I’ll republish the whole thing.

Meanwhile, anyone with more information can contact me at

Next, I’ll return to the questions left open by the New London Day report on Linda McMahon’s 1989 memo instructing another executive to tip off steroid doctor George Zahorian that he was being investigated by the feds.

Irv Muchnick