Linda McMahon and ‘Fragile X Syndrome’ (Part 4)

Linda McMahon and ‘Fragile X Syndrome’ (Part 3)
February 3, 2010
Linda McMahon and ‘Fragile X Syndrome’ (Part 5)
February 3, 2010



Chris Benoit’s Son’s Medical Condition Sets Off a Media Frenzy

Linda McMahon Goes on “Good Morning America”


The audio of an interview Linda McMahon did for the ABC News Good Morning America website on June 28, 2007, can be heard at In the interview, McMahon uses many of the same talking points in her television interview the same day with Robin Roberts, but this one does not have the exact language on TV referring to”the management and the schooling and the rearing of this child who had the mental retardation.”

I can no longer find the Robin Roberts TV interview online. Surely the video still exists, and if someone has it and can pass it along to me ( or put it up on YouTube, that will be another valuable record for the 2010 Senate campaign. There is no point in my trying David Westin, the president of ABC News; Westin did not respond to my queries about the doctoring of the website transcript of a recent interview with McMahon promoting the piece that ABC’s Kate Snow did about her for weekend World News Tonight.

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