Linda McMahon’s WWE Past Matters: Connecticut Political Journalist

Linda McMahon Steroid-Death Q’s Take Up ‘Entire Segment’ on ‘Face the State’
January 14, 2010
Linda McMahon: ‘I’ve Worked and Been in a Business That Is Very Testosterone-Loaded’
January 17, 2010

Brian Lockhart of the Stamford Advocate has a great blog post today reflecting on his experience as an interviewer at last night’s taping of Face the State with Linda McMahon. (The program will air at 11 a.m. Sunday on Channel 3 in Hartford.)

I urge everyone to read “‘She understands how to meet a payroll,'”

Irv Muchnick

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  1. kjharris says:

    Does Linda McMahon really understand how to meet a payroll? It’s a nice soundbite to repeat ad nauseum, but is it truly reflective of her former role within the company? It suggests that she was the one who decided the PPV and house show payoffs of all the wrestlers on the roster, yet that responsibility was for years undertaken by Jim Ross and before that JJ Dillon, in their roles as Head of Talent Relations. Instead of taking the narrative for granted that Linda McMahon is a savvy business woman, Connecticut reporters also need to probe her for details about her day to day responsibilities within the company, so that Connecticut voters can decide for themselves whether she really is a savvy business woman or has just been along for the ride while her husband made all the important decisions that built their business. Would she have made it in business if her husband hadn’t happened to be Vince McMahon?