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by Irvin Muchnick

Jumping off from last year’s George Gibney podcast by Ireland’s Second Captains in association with the BBC, the New York Times has weighed in. “True-Crime Podcast Puts Spolight on Irish Coach Accused of Abuse,”

It’s a useful piece of Gibney on a 1,200-word postage stamp. Let’s see if the story spreads to any other American media outlets and whether the coverage catalyzes action by U.S. government and Olympic players as the federal grand jury investigation of USA Swiimming continues to play out.

The Times cites Irish journalist Justine McCarthy’s decade-old book Deep Deception. The article does not mention the Irish government’s 1998 Murphy inquiry.

The Times quotes U.S. District Court Judge Charles R. Breyer in 2016, during my Freedom of Information Act case against the Department of Homeland Security, which revealed the government’s inaction after Gibney failed to attain citizenship in 2010 when his application withheld the fact that he had been indicted in Ireland in 1993 on 27 counts of indecent carnal knowledge of underage swimmers in his tutelage. “I have to assume that if somebody has been charged with the types of offenses that Mr. Gibney has been charged with, the United States, absent other circumstances, would not grant a visa. We’re not a refuge for pedophiles,” Judge Breyer said.

The Times does not add that in the BBC podcast, Gibney’s Florida-based former assistant coach, Peter Banks, a director of the American Swimming Coaches Association at the time of the approval of Gibney’s diversity lottery visa in the early 1990s, engineered the redacted swimming coaching job offer letter that is part of his immigration file.

And the Times fails to note that, extradition back to Ireland or not, Gibney’s rape and impregnation of a 17-year-old swimmer in 1991, during a training trip to Tampa by his Irish team, remains prosecutable by the state attorney there.

Podcast producer Mark Horgan told the Times that the Gibney story was “one of those black moments in Irish history — and there were many of them — where the Irish courts mirrored Irish society in not knowing how to deal with historic child abuse.”

The latest Gibney media boomlet follows last week’s release of an Irish government report acknowledging an estimated 9,000 deaths and widespread abuses at religious institutions for unwed mothers and their babies.

Writing in Ireland’s Broadsheet, Eamonn Kelly commented:

“As Una Mullaly pointed out in her article in the Irish Times, when ‘society’ is to blame, no one is to blame, thus letting off the hook the entire establishment structure, which still exists, albeit in relatively truncated form. If it changed, when did it change? When Micheál Martin claims that society did this, what he really means is that today’s establishment and their historical counterparts are not responsible.”



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