University of California Agrees to Pay $125,000 in Attorney Fees to Settle Our Public Records Case in Ted Agu Football Death Cover-Up

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Judge Jeffrey S. Brand has signed off on the final judgment of Muchnick v. University of California Board of Regents, following the conclusion of settlement negotiations between the parties, as reported here in November.

Under the settlement, which the Alameda County Superior Court docket dated January 3, the university has agreed to pay $125,000 to reimburse the fees of our attorney, Roy S. Gordet, in bringing this California Public Records Act case for internal documents exposing the circumstances of the 2014 death of football player Ted Agu, and litigating the matter across three and a half years.

Agu died in an extreme offseason conditioning drill. In our case, Judge Brand named us the “prevailing party” for catalyzing the release by UC of previously withheld documents totaling more than 700 pages. Among them were emails by former Cal football team physician Dr. Casey Batten and other administrators, establishing a cover-up of Agu’s sickle cell trait condition during the initial flawed autopsy by the county coroner.

The two sides submitted to the court two differently worded versions of a final settlement order. Brand signed and filed both of them. They are viewable at


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