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From Ireland’s Broadsheet: ‘Covering Gibney’
February 13, 2020
UPMC: Concussion Scandal Ground Zero
March 16, 2020

Content has slowed here recently in anticipation of a redesigned website for Concussion Inc. But we’ll soon be ramping up again.

ECW Press is about to issue a new edition of my 2009 book, CHRIS & NANCY: The True Story of the Benoit-Murder Suicide and Pro Wrestling’s Cocktail of Death. This is being labeled the third and “Ultimate Historical Edition.” In addition to light changes throughout, it will have a new introduction highlighting the connections to WWE style and WWE’s McMahon family of a bit player from the original edition: Donald Trump.

In our new site look, set for launch in the next several weeks, we’ll have more info on CHRIS & NANCY and how to read a free bonus preview of the new 3,400-word introduction.

In the meantime, we’ll be continuing to follow several important ongoing stories.



As reported here a month ago, government moves on possible deportation of the former Irish Olympic swimming coach and failed American citizenship applicant relate to federal grand jury investigations of USA Swimming and other U.S. Olympic Committee entities. The Gibney investigation is being coordinated by Jane Khodarkovsky, human trafficking finance specialist at the Justice Department’s Money Laundering & Asset Recovery Section.

Our February 9 article diving deep into the Gibney end game: https://concussioninc.net/?p=14173.

My interview with Eoin Sheahan of Ireland’s Off the Ball:



THE GEORGE GIBNEY CHRONICLES: What the Hunt For the Most Notorious At-Large Sex Criminal in the History of Global Sports Tells Us About the Sports Establishments and Governments on Two Continents, on Amazon Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NZ6S3PJ/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_RTcCCbWQ9AQY0. (You also can get a PDF copy of THE GEORGE GIBNEY CHRONICLES, via email, by remitting US $3.49 to [email protected], via PayPal.)



Something called a motion for reconsideration will be heard on April 2 in the court of Alameda County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey S. Brand. This move by us follows Brand’s recent ruling that an email from former Berkeley deputy athletic director Solly Fulp to his father Ian Fulp — sharing public relations talking points, and administration and campus police discussion, prior to the 2014 release of the coroner’s findings in the Agu death — is protected by attorney-client privilege.

As I wrote on January 30, an appeal may be looming in this three-year-old California Public Records Act case. Despite the judge’s several odd university-friendly motion rulings, our litigation already has resulted in the release of hundreds of new pages of internal documents. These show, among other things, the then Cal football team physician, Dr. Casey Batten, working with administrators on damage-control PR, and specifically withholding from the county authorities Agu’s known sickle cell trait condition — all while lobbying the medical examiner for a false finding of a generic cardiac event as the cause of death.



Joanne Atkins-Ingram, mother of Braeden Bradforth — the 19-year-old Garden City (Kansas) Community College student-athlete who died of exertional heat stroke (EHS) in 2018 in perhaps the most outrageous football conditioning death yet — has been lobbying in Washington, D.C., for new legislation on EHS standards, introduced by her congressperson, Chris Smith of New Jersey.

Similar state legislation in Florida is being pushed by the Zach Martin Memorial Foundation and Laurie Giordano, mother of the 16-year-old high school player who died of EHS in 2017.

More on these and related developments shortly. Comprehensive headline links to our two and a half years of coverage of the Bradforth death and aftermath: https://concussioninc.net/?p=13441



We’re into the third year since Ehekircher’s unsuccessful bid to get a fresh and unbiased look at her grooming and abuse at the hands of her swimming coach, Scott MacFarland, got stonewalled — but also shed light on abuse cover-ups in multiple locales and by multiple entities of organized competitive swimming. There are key new developments, and we’ll have more soon.

Meanwhile, here are headline links to the first 32 of our Ehekircher stories from 2018: https://concussioninc.net/?p=13125

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