From Ireland’s Broadsheet: ‘Covering Gibney’

Muchnick on Ireland’s ‘Off the Ball’: We Have Everything on George Gibney ‘Except the Shoe Dropping’
February 12, 2020
With New Book Coming Out, New Look Upcoming at Concussion Inc.
March 9, 2020

PREVIOUSLY: “Muchnick on Ireland’s ‘Off the Ball’: ‘We Have Everything on George Gibney Except ‘the Shoe Dropping,” February 12,

Broadsheet’s adaptation of our long article on Sunday about the latest known development of the federal government’s investigation of George Gibney, as directed by the human trafficking finance specialist at the Department of Justice’s Money Laundering & Asset Recovery Section, pulls out the references to my brushes with the American and Irish media:

“With a major new BBC/Second Captains podcast series on George Gibney scheduled for release in May, Irvin Muchnick, who has been on the trail of the swimming coach for years, details recent developments in the US and his lengthy struggle getting even Irish media interested in Gibney.”

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