Obama and the Linda McMahon Troops Tribute: Dumb and Dumber

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December 17, 2009
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December 18, 2009

In the wake of the following statement, just issued by World Wrestling Entertainment, I don’t believe the White House has a substantive defense of President Obama’s shot on the “WWE Tribute to the Troops” show Saturday night on NBC.

Our Commander in Chief, a chic-seeking kitsch king, has allowed his office to be used in a political campaign in Connecticut, and on behalf of a candidate of the opposition party. Dumb and dumber.

The full text of the WWE statement is below.

Irv Muchnick


World Wrestling Entertainment would like to thank both President Obama and General Petraeus for providing the WWE(R) with taped, non-partisan holiday messages to the men and women in the US Armed Forces to be included in our annual special, “Tribute to the Troops,” this Saturday on NBC at 9 PM ET. This marks the second year that the Commander in Chief has provided a special message for the troops.

For the last seven years, WWE has traveled to the Middle East to entertain troops serving overseas in appreciation for their service to our country. WWE would also like to thank all those responsible in the White House, First Lady’s office and the US Central Command for making this happen.

The request process for the President’s video began in April 2009, when WWE met with Trooper Sanders, Deputy Director of Policy and Projects for the First Lady. WWE continued these discussions after Labor Day as requested. In November, WWE was pleased to receive
confirmation from Matt Flavin, Director of Veterans and Wounded Warrior Policy at the White House, that a Presidential message would be supplied for “Tribute to the Troops.” WWE supplied background information, as well as our production and deadline needs. We received confirmation on Monday that President Obama’s message had been taped, and it was delivered on Tuesday morning.

We are hopeful that everyone, especially the service men and women of the Armed Forces and their families, enjoy “Tribute to the Troops.”

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