How George Gibney Lied on His 2010 Application For American Citizenship

Reprint of Sunday Times of London Article: ‘Abuser Coach Gibney Denied U.S. Citizenship’
November 5, 2017
Ireland’s Broadsheet: ‘Who Is Protecting George Gibney?’
November 7, 2017
Reprint of Sunday Times of London Article: ‘Abuser Coach Gibney Denied U.S. Citizenship’
November 5, 2017
Ireland’s Broadsheet: ‘Who Is Protecting George Gibney?’
November 7, 2017


“George Gibney’s 2010 Application For American Citizenship Was Rejected, With No Other Consequences, Federal Judge Said,”

“Reprint of Sunday Times of London Article: ‘Abuser coach Gibney denied U.S. citizenship,'”


by Irvin Muchnick


Yesterday Concussion Inc. pointed out the revelation, by U.S. District Court Senior Judge Charles R. Breyer in my Freedom of Information Act case against the Department of Homeland Security, that George Gibney was denied American citizenship after he submitted an application for it in 2010.

Today Justine McCarthy of London’s Sunday Times also reported this development. The federal government’s appeal of Judge Breyer’s ruling in my favor, for more material from Gibney’s U.S. immigration file, is now at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Mediation Service.

McCarthy — author of the book Deep Deception: Ireland’s Swimming Scandals — additionally wrote that “Muchnick said it has been ‘established’ that Gibney ‘concealed from his 2010 citizenship application a 27-count indictment for sex crimes in his native country.'”

Why do I say it is established that Gibney lied? The answer is in two documents already partially released by the defendant American government in April 2016, during the district court phase of the FOIA lawsuit.

The documents were part of the government’s immediate and limited disclosures, known as a Supplemental Vaughn Index. The index includes partially or completely redacted material, as well as descriptions of and legal justifications for the redactions.

The first document appears to be a sworn statement by Gibney to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. At the top are the handwritten words “I George Gibney I sware [sic] the below statement is true.” The rest of the document is redacted, except for the handwritten date 9/27/10. See a facsimile at

The second document is a notice to Gibney from USCIS, also dated September 27, 2010. The notice begins, “Examination of your N400 application shows that additional information, documents or forms are needed before your application can be acted upon.”

The government’s notice goes on to list what may be missing. It is important to note that Evin Daly, of the Florida-based advocacy group One Child International, had earlier in the year alerted the government to details about Gibney’s past in Ireland, where just prior to emigrating, he had escaped prosecution, on statute of limitations grounds, on a 27-count indictment for indecent carnal knowledge of underage victims. (This was thanks to a controversial Irish Supreme Court ruling in which one of the justices, Susan Denham — later the chief justice — participated even though Gibney’s barrister arguing before the court, Patrick Gageby, was her brother.)

Indeed, even absent further information, via my FOIA matter or otherwise, the existing chronology strongly suggests that Gibney may have been applying for citizenship upon a sudden realization that the efforts by Daly and others were closing the net on Gibney for possible extradition back to Ireland to be tried on the charges of his original indictment, plus newly emerging others.

The “others” included Gibney’s rape and impregnation of a teen swimmer he had supervised on a training trip of his Irish swim team, the Trojans, to Florida, in 1991. So at least one of the sex abuse allegations against Gibney involved an incident on American soil.

Here’s what the 2010 government notice warned Gibney might be missing from his citizenship application. You can view the document at


  • ALL arrests, charges or incident report(s) made by the arresting or other officer(s) for violation of any law in the United States and in any foreign country, at any time in your life
  • The information or indictment and the judicial court judgment and sentence, including ALL probation orders and evidence of completion of all probation, and evidence of completion of any Court ordered fines, community service, counseling or any other sentence. All court records must reflect the charge. Include ALL judicial judgments that were:


Record Sealed or Expunged by the Court

Deferred Judgment

Completed a Pre-Trial Diversion Program


Adjudication Withheld


A “Nolle Prosecui” letter was issued

Plead Guilty

Not Guilty

Deferred Adjudication

A “No Information” letter was issued

Plead Nolo Contendre (No Contest)

  • Your own personal statement, typed or printed, describing, in detail, each incident, exactly what happened and your involvement in each offense; date and have your signature notarized.
  • If you claim there is no record, you must submit verification by obtaining a statement, on official government letterhead stationery, certified by the clerk of court, from both the felony & misdemeanor divisions, and also from BOTH the police department and sheriff’s office in the county of the arrest certifying that no records exist.

If unobtainable, sealed records must be re-opened. Also, you must submit an original, certified letter on official government letterhead from both the police and sheriff verifying that there are no existing records of any violation of law.



At a hearing in the FOIA case on October 26, 2016, Judge Breyer would say, “[T]here is a question – a series of questions that were propounded to him and the responses that were given – this is the normal operating procedure – and he was not granted citizenship or permanent residency …”

The judge added: “And what is missing in all of this is, how is a person permitted to remain in the United States when, in fact, the circumstances of the Ireland experience or what occurred in Ireland are publically known, that’s number one. And number two, if, and I would use the word ‘if,’ he gave false answers in connection with an application, how is it that that somehow doesn’t bring into question the term of his initial visa permit or his initial visa.”


After the publication of yesterday’s information, a reader on Twitter asked, “How is [Gibney] still in the US?”

My answer: “Great question!”


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