Multiple Corroborations of Existence of Burlington Hotel Pool Include a Photo of George Gibney With 11-Year-Old Swimming Star — And Future Whistleblower — Gary O’Toole

New 1982 Sexual Molestation Allegation Surfaces Against George Gibney — Former Irish Olympic Swim Coach and Subject of Concussion Inc.’s FOIA Suit
July 3, 2017
“I Was 11. I Didn’t Fully Understand” … Irish news site Broadsheet
July 3, 2017

In the previous post we told the story of a new sexual abuse allegation against George Gibney, by a woman who was 11 years old in 1982 when she says the rapist former Irish Olympic swimming coach, who has been living in the United States since the 1990s, molested her at the pool of Dublin’s Burlington Hotel.

Multiple corroborations have streamed in for the existence at the time of a pool at this hotel. The pool was demolished in 1983 during a renovation of the Burlington.

This information comes from the Irish news site, which was preparing to publish its own story just as Concussion Inc. was putting up this post.

Most dramatically, Broadsheet uncovered the photo above of Gibney at the Burlington pool with Irish swimming wunderkind Gary O’Toole, who was then 11 years old. (The photo was published in the Irish Independent.) Though not a personal Gibney victim, O’Toole would become the person who organized Gibney’s many abuse victims and a leading whistleblower. O’Toole is now a prominent orthopedic surgeon.

Since my multimedia skills are extremely limited and I probably messed up the embedding of the Gibney-O’Toole photo above, I encourage you to see a better version of the image at this link:

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Published April 27th, 2015,

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