Exclusive at Concussion Inc. Sunday: The Internal Cal Football Strength Program Document That University and Coach Damon Harrington Illegally Withheld From Discovery in Ted Agu Family Wrongful Death Case

John Gerdy on Baylor’s Epic Failure
June 23, 2016
TED AGU PAPERS: Cal Football Strength Coach Damon Harrington’s 2014 ‘Winter Workout Contract’ Included ‘Massive Punishment Session Before Entire Team’ — Plus Extreme Drill Called ‘Grave Digger’
June 25, 2016

While you wait for publication of our reporting of this story, and of the primary-source document on which it is based, you can catch up on the whole series at these links:


“Explainer: How ‘Insider’ Access Made San Francisco Chronicle and Berkeley J-School Miss Real Story Behind Death of Cal Football’s Ted Agu,” https://concussioninc.net/?p=10931

Complete headline links to our Ted Agu series: https://concussioninc.net/?p=10877

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