John Gerdy on Baylor’s Epic Failure

‘Coaching, Concussions, Careers + Culture’ — Muchnick Interview With John M. O’Connor of CareerPro Inc.
June 21, 2016
Exclusive at Concussion Inc. Sunday: The Internal Cal Football Strength Program Document That University and Coach Damon Harrington Illegally Withheld From Discovery in Ted Agu Family Wrongful Death Case
June 25, 2016

by Irvin Muchnick


John Gerdy — a former elite college athlete and administrator who now advocates for music in schools, and is one of our friends in the future-of-football degate — has an excellent new contemplation of the horror show that is Baylor University default on sexual violence by its athletes. See “Baylor’s Epic Failure,”

Here’s what we said last year about Gerdy and his project:

As for epic failures, they multiply. The reporting here on madman Cal football strength and conditioning coach Damon Harrington, who drove Ted Agu to his 2014 death with no consequences, shows that private Baptist universities in red states, like Baylor, have nothing on giant public universities in blue states. Football America seemingly has joined all political and cultural factions at the hip in its war on public health and sane educational values.

After pondering John Gerdy’s words, follow the next explosive leak, expected this weekend, in the “Ted Agu Papers.”

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