Ireland’s ‘Broadsheet’ Connects George Gibney and Irish Swimming Abuse Scandals to One of the Country’s Most Sensational Murder Cold Cases

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by Irvin Muchnick


Our friends at Broadsheet, the Irish news site, have produced another of their exhaustively reported timelines on a sensational abuse case and allegations of official malfeasance in investigating it. This one concerns the 1986 disappearance and presumed death of a 13-year-old boy — a story of an apparent high-level abuse ring that has roiled that country ever since. I urge you to read “Philip Cairns and a Trail of Disinformation,”

The thorough timeline below the main narrative includes the story’s connection to our current pending federal court case against the Department of Homeland Security for the American immigration file of former Irish Olympic swimming team head coach George Gibney, perhaps the most wanted at-large sex criminal in global sports.

The Murphy Report set out in painful detail the abuse carried out by Catholic priests in Dublin against children in their and other communities,” Broadsheet writes, while “[a]nother Murphy Report detailed shocking and relentless – yet apparently unlinked – histories of abuse by senior swimming coaches. All the men named in these reports were respected members of the local community.”

The timeline notes that in 1998:


“Dr Roderick Murphy SC published the results of his inquiry into child sex abuse in swimming – involving Dublin-based coaches George Gibney and Derry O’Rourke. Dr Murphy is deeply involved in swimming. In addition the Murphy Inquiry looked at allegations that Frank McCann refused to act when complaints were made to him about Gibney.

All sex abuse charges against Gibney were quashed in 1994 after a judgment was reached in the Supreme Court just before Christmas, 1993. Gibney was represented in the Supreme Court by Patrick Gageby SC, while Mr Gageby’s sister Susan Denham was on the bench that day.

Gibney is currently living in America where US investigative journalist Irvin Muchnick is fighting to get the US Department of Homeland Security’s immigration file on Gibney. It emerged earlier this year that Gardai gave a certificate of character to George Gibney to support his application for an American visa. It’s date stamped January 20, 1992.”



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