Swimming World Magazine Drops Alex Pussieldi — But Canadian Government Remains Mum on Call to Block His Olympic Media Credentials

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by Irvin Muchnick



We’re still waiting to hear back from Carla Qualtrough, Canada’s sports minister, on the call by Canadian citizens to try to keep Alex Pussieldi away from Olympic Village during the upcoming Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro. But one piece of Pussieldi’s global networking — his position as Brazilian correspondent for Swimming World magazine — has been eliminated, evidently in response to our inquiries.

Pussieldi is the international human trafficker and Peeping Tom who belongs nowhere near underage athletes (which some Olympic swimmers, from the U.S. and other countries, will be). Subsequent to his suspension by USA Swimming’s regional affiliate and the demise of his South Florida club, Pussieldi went back to his native Brazil, where he is a swimming expert for the SporTV network.

Last August, Swimming World publisher Brent Rutemiller told us the magazine was “reassessing the status” of all its contributors, including Pussieldi. Last week Rutemiller said Pussieldi “is no longer a contributor.”

Rutemiller would not say when Pussieldi was removed from the masthead, or the basis of the decision to remove him.

I do not subscribe to Swimming World and therefore don’t have online access to its content. And I have not seen recent print editions of the magazine. Through my local library, I have access to an online database of magazine articles, including Swimming World’s. This database shows no results for “Pussieldi” in a search at Swimming World — which suggests that he not only was removed from the masthead but also scrubbed from the archive of past articles, either under Pussieldi’s byline or otherwise citing him. Of course, because of the vagaries of these things, we can’f say for sure.

An Internet search shows that Pussieldi was still listed as a Swimming World international correspondent as late as the November 2015 issue of its offshoot Swimming Technique. That is a quarterly publication, likely with a long lead time.

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