Snuka Cold-Case Murder Detective, Who Lied About Investigation in 1992, Retired From Whitehall Police Three Days Before Starting With D.A.’s Office in 2003

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September 23, 2015
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September 25, 2015

by Irvin Muchnick


Whitehall Township tells us that Detective Gerald Procanyn retired from the police there, where he had served since 1966, on April 25, 2003. That was a Friday, and he started on the Lehigh County district attorney’s office payroll the following Monday, April 28. The James Moore Jr. cold-case murder trial started just three days after that.

We don’t know if Procanyn, who must be in his 70s at this point, is a full- or part-time employee of the D.A. Reasonably, we can speculate that he is drawing a Whitehall Township pension — his departure there is called a retirement, not a resignation — and, like many cops and military personnel, is “double-dipping” with a new job, in his case on the public coin and in the same area of his base career.

I say “reasonably speculate” because Procanyn has not responded to Concussion Inc.’s inquiries. If that changes and we get more information on his timeline (as well as any impact that might have had on the Jimmy Snuka and Moore homicide investigations), we’ll let you know.


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