What We Know About USA Swimming Consigliere Brandon Drawz’s 2007 Arrest in Indianapolis for Domestic Violence, Battery, Public Intoxication, Resisting Arrest

See It Now — Documenting the 2007 Night USA Swimming Potentate Brandon Drawz Spent in the Indianapolis Jail
August 25, 2015
USA Swimming’s Brandon Drawz Sucker-Punched a 67-Year-Old Coach at a Portland Pool — Two Months Before His 2007 Arrest in Indianapolis
August 28, 2015

By Irvin Muchnick



We’re still working to get the narrative 2007 Indianapolis police arrest report on Brandon Drawz (in addition to the incarceration record we published at http://muchnick.net/drawzarrest.pdf). For readers in a position to help discreetly, our email is tips@muchnick.net.

In the meantime, I’ve spoken to sources in Indianapolis for a little more detail on the August 3, 2007, incident. And I’d like to give it some context.

According to these multiple sources, Drawz was arrested, drunken and belligerent, shortly after 1 a.m. on the street near the Hilton Garden Inn. A third party had reported to 911 that a white male was arguing with and had violently pushed against a wall an apparent white female companion with whom he was arguing. The male was Drawz, then 35 years old. The woman was his 33-year-old girlfriend and the mother of their child.

The arrest itself is replicated every day wherever boys and girls, or men and women, consume too much alcohol. In this case, according to our sources, Drawz’s girlfriend told the cops to buzz off, too. And we know that the charges would be expunged following a plea and Drawz’s completion of a diversion program. So there. Luckily for Drawz, he is not African-American.

For purposes of the swimming sex abuse story, the episode is important for a few other reasons. First, Drawz lied to the police by first maintaining that he was a police officer from Portland, then changing that to saying he was a social worker. In fact, he was supervising a youth swim club at a meet in Indianapolis, and his behavior and arrest left a group of kids confused and without supervision the next morning, thousands of miles from home. That was no small offense.

Inside swimming, there were no consequences. None. Just this year — even after Drawz got sacked at SwimMAC in North Carolina, for reasons that are still not clear — he served as general manager of the American team that traveled to the World University Games in South Korea.

That is the level of accountability and oversight … lack of same … that only the United States Congress can address.

Moreover, as we shall see shortly, the Indianapolis arrest was not the only violent item on Drawz’s shady personal and business record.




Sources: Shady USA Swimming Board Figure Brandon Drawz Fired at Prominent North Carolina Program

Published April 20th, 2015


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