Full Text of Letter Calling for USA Swimming Investigation of Board Member Brandon Drawz

Parent Letter Campaign Asks USA Swimming For Investigation of Brandon Drawz — Based on Concussion Inc.’s Report of His 2007 Domestic Violence Arrest in Indianapolis
August 24, 2015
See It Now — Documenting the 2007 Night USA Swimming Potentate Brandon Drawz Spent in the Indianapolis Jail
August 25, 2015

Dear Mr. Muchnick,

I have sent this letter to Mr. Frank Busch, Chuck Wielgus and Susan Woessner at USA Swimming. To see that Brandon Drawz is still sitting on the top of USA Swimming’s board and Safe Sport is truly devastating!



As a parent and supporter of the great sport of swim, I have grave concerns over Mr. Brandon Drawz being part of USA Swimming and the sport itself.

My association with SwimMAC Carolina made me slightly aware of BD’s exit from the organization. Curious to learn more of this high level departure, I was more than a bit distraught to see what a simple Google of his name revealed.

https://concussioninc.net/?p-10047. The screaming title of “Shady USA Swimming Board Member Fired …”, I would imagine, would give you pause as well. Researching the arrest of Mr. Drawz, I am stunned that USA Swimming would permit the membership, much less the elevation to Board leadership, of someone that wouldn’t pass the background check outlined by your own jurisdiction, Safe Sport!

There is no conversation at SwimMAC as to the reasons behind Mr. Drawz departure, but I would surmise that an organization of such renowned reputation would want to put as much distance between its swimmers, coaches and management staff as possible upon learning of the proven lack of character of Mr. Drawz.

I respectfully ask for a complete investigation into the background and suitability of Mr. Brandon Drawz as a member of USA Swimming and for his immediate removal from any decision making capacities until that investigation has been completed.

Someone like this casts a pall over the sport that is positive in its creation of champions and the enjoyment of a lifelong sport.

Someone like this as a member of the USA Swimming Board puts into question the systems in place that are designed to keep the sport safe.


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