George Gibney, Hiding in Plain Sight in Florida, Ducks Confrontation With Child Watch Organization

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August 14, 2015
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by Irvin Muchnick

Evin Daly, head of the Florida watchdog group One Child International, told Concussion Inc. of a George Gibney encounter last week in the Orlando area.

Daly was in Gibney’s neighborhood in Altamonte Springs on other business, and decided to swing by the house Gibney shares there with his friend “Brother” Pedro Colon.

In Daly’s words, “Their car pulled up right beside mine. I wanted to get an interview, but when they recognized me, they turned the car around and fled. I left a package containing some recent press articles on the doorstep.”

Daly spoke to Pedro at the front door last November. “I asked him why he let Gibney stay there. First he denied that Gibney had done anything wrong against children. When I pointed out the mountain of evidence against Gibney he commented that ‘it was a long time ago.’ He wouldn’t talk further and refused to accept my offer — or card — so that I could interview Gibney to tell his side of the story.”

During last week’s visit, Daly talked with neighbors. He said that “one in particular was puzzled by the lack of charges against Gibney. He could not get his head around the fact that there is so much evidence and no charges. He was furious that Pedro would let Gibney live with him in their neighborhood. Pedro was described as someone in tight with the local church.”

Another neighbor wondered why the Irish government would allow someone with Gibney’s lengthy list of slam-dunk allegations (which include findings by Ireland’s Murphy Commission) to run free in the U.S. for more than 20 years without any attempt to warn others about him. “I check the sex offender register to make sure my children are safe and there he’s living there unmonitored?” she asked, distraught, pointing at the Gibney-Colon house.

My federal lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security, seeking greater access to Gibney’s 102-page U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services file under the Freedom of Information Act, is set for a case management conference in October. Chronological headline links to Concussion Inc.’s coverage of George Gibney are at

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