April 16, 2010

Norwich Bulletin: ‘McMahon Owes State an Explanation’

“Our view: McMahon owes state an explanation” Norwich Bulletin http://www.norwichbulletin.com/Opinion/x57953354/Our-view-McMahon-owes-state-an-explanation
April 16, 2010

Call to Connecticut Newspapers on Linda McMahon Scandal: More Reporting, Less Gum-Flapping

This blog just posted a link to the Norwich Bulletin‘s editorial on the fallout of the story by Ted Mann of The Day (New London) that […]
April 16, 2010

Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer: Missing in Action

In the previous post I gently called on the Connecticut media to smoke out more of the Linda McMahon story. Now, as always, my criticism turns […]
April 17, 2010

Most Important Post in the History of My Blogs

My son Nate has published an op-ed essay in the Sacramento Bee, and his mother, his brother, his sisters, and I are all very proud of […]
April 17, 2010

Here’s How a CEO Senate Candidate Responded to Charges of Wrongdoing on Her Corporate Watch (Hint: It’s Not Linda McMahon)

The Associated Press reports that investigators in Russia, Germany, and the U.S. are looking into bribes in Europe by Hewlett-Packard Co. officials, totaling $11 million, about […]
April 19, 2010

How Linda McMahon Managed the WWE Pedophile Scandal’s Damage Control

(I emailed invitations to comment to Ed Patru and Robert Zimmerman, respective spokespersons for the Linda McMahon campaign and World Wrestling Entertainment. They did not respond […]
April 20, 2010

Linda McMahon’s Role in the WWE Pedophile Scandal: Additional Resources

In a 2007 Internet radio conversation with fellow wrestling newsletter writer Bryan Alvarez, Dave Meltzer reminisced about the 1992 Phil Donahue Show. Meltzer had numerous in-depth […]
April 20, 2010

Steroid Doc Prosecutor Accused of Tipping McMahons Says, ‘No Comment’

I emailed James J. West, the Harrisburg lawyer who, when he was U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, prosecuted Dr. George Zahorian, the steroid […]
April 21, 2010

Linda McMahon Memo Story Leaves Just a Few Open Questions – The Five W’s

We’re deep into the second full week since Ted Mann of The Day in New London broke the story of Linda McMahon’s 1989 memo directing an […]
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