June 16, 2014

June 30 Florida Court Hearing Set in Alex Pussieldi Public Records Fight With City of Fort Lauderdale

Broward County Circuit Court Judge John B. Bowman has set Monday, June 30, at 10:15 a.m., for a hearing in our dispute with the City of […]
June 17, 2014

‘Muchnick v. Fort Lauderdale’ Is Only One Aspect of the Hunt for Documentation of the USA Swimming Cover-Up of Alex Pussieldi

by Irvin Muchnick   As noted earlier, a Broward County judge has set a June 30 hearing in my lawsuit against the City of Fort Lauderdale […]
June 18, 2014

So, How Did It Go Last Weekend at the International Swimming Hall of Fame?

by Irvin Muchnick   As we all know, Chuck Wielgus, the executive director of USA Swimming since 1997, was not inducted into the International Swimming Hall […]
June 19, 2014

Swimming Abuse Victims Petition to Congress Stalls — With No Help From the Women’s Sports Foundation

by Irvin Muchnick and Tim Joyce   The USA Swimming youth coach sexual abuse scandal has blown wide open. We have been reporting for some time […]
June 19, 2014

USA Swimming Asked Why They’re Withholding Media Credentials. Answer: Because.

by Irvin Muchnick   As noted Monday, USA Swimming will not give Concussion Inc. media credentials for this weekend’s Santa Clara Grand Prix. Your correspondent now […]
June 21, 2014

Petition 2.1: Swimming Victims’ Plea For Congressional Intervention Gets a Healthy Reboot – But Still Not an All-In Effort by the Women’s Sports Foundation

by Irvin Muchnick   Obviously in response to our equivocal review in this space two days ago, the petition by USA Swimming sexual abuse victims to […]
June 24, 2014

As Women’s Sports Foundation Nibbles at USOC’s Dangling Carrot, Quest to Fully Engage Congress on USA Swimming Sexual Abuse Proceeds Without Their Help

by Irvin Muchnick   Under the heading “the rest of the story,” we pick up with more detail on the events following the approval in February […]
June 24, 2014

Summer 2013 Flashback: USA Swimming’s Big-Money PR Campaign to Combat ‘Perceptions’ and Ward Off Congressional Investigations

EXCLUSIVE: Internal USA Swimming Memo Exposes Plan for New PR Strategy to Combat Negative ‘Perceptions’ of Safe Sport Program Published August 2nd, 2013 ***** Read USA […]
June 26, 2014

Why Next Week’s Court Hearing on City of Fort Lauderdale’s Deletions of Public Records on Alex Pussieldi Matters For the Federal Investigations of USA Swimming

by Irvin Muchnick   Next Monday a Florida Circuit Court will hear my case against the City of Fort Lauderdale under the state’s public records statute. […]
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