September 17, 2010

Obama Came and Went; Linda McMahon Will Sink Only With Death News and Negative TV Ads

No, I didn’t really expect President Obama, at last night’s fat-cat fundraiser in Fairfield County, to say the things I recommended in “What President Obama Should […]
September 19, 2010

Concussion Saga of a Backup Baseball Catcher

September 19, 2010

Connecticut Columnist: ‘How Many Times Did Linda McMahon Go Bankrupt?’

David Collins, a columnist for The Day in New London, has picked up on Senate candidate Linda McMahon’s cock-and-bull story about her bankruptcy — or bankruptcies. […]
September 19, 2010

Dear Tina Brown: Will The Daily Beast Correct Its Inaccurate Account of Senate Candidate Linda McMahon’s 1976 Bankruptcy?

The following letter was emailed to Tina Brown, editor of The Daily Beast. Dear Ms. Brown: Earlier this month The Daily Beast published a profile of […]
September 20, 2010

‘Why a 2011 NFL Strike or Lockout Would Be the Best Thing for America’ … today at Beyond Chron

Why a 2011 NFL Strike or Lockout Would Be the Best Thing for America by Irvin Muchnick Beyond Chron http://www.beyondchron.org/articles/Why_a_2011_NFL_Strike_or_Lockout_Would_Be_the_Best_Thing_for_America_8513.html
September 20, 2010

New York Magazine: Linda McMahon Issue Is That WWE Is Deadly, Not Tacky

“Richard Blumenthal has yet to jump in the ring with opponent Linda McMahon over her wrestling empire’s human toll.” Jason Zengerle, New York magazine http://nymag.com/news/intelligencer/68376/
September 21, 2010

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf … or Linda McMahon or Tina Brown?

While appreciating the tendency of the media to compartmentalize scoops, I do not understand why no one except New London Day columnist David Collins has gone […]
September 21, 2010

Great Moments in Email, Part 7

Letter to the editor of Beyond Chron from a reader named Gary Copestake, in reference to my piece yesterday, “Why a 2011 NFL Strike or Lockout […]
September 22, 2010

Linda McMahon on the Pain and Humiliation of Licking S&H Green Stamps

Linda McMahon clearly doesn’t intend to shut up about her bankruptcy. That’s because not getting called out on her ridiculous account to Lloyd Grove, the stenographer […]
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