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Dr. Joe Maroon Ain’t Jumping on No Anti-Concussion Bandwagon

Concussion Inc.’s survey of pre-Super Bowl coverage includes the news that Minnesota Vikings safety Husain Abdullah,  26, who feared that his career was over after suffering […]

Will ESPN’s ‘Outside the Lines’ Just Recycle the Boilerplate Riddell Helmet Story? Or Will They Nail UPMC and Dr. Maroon?

ESPN’s sporadically excellent investigative series, Outside the Lines, is advertising a piece on Sunday’s edition (9 a.m. Eastern time) about Senator Tom Udall and the Federal […]

Sadly, ESPN Doesn’t Lay a Glove on Dr. Maroon, UPMC

ESPN’s Outside the Lines today aired its Peter Keating-reported investigation of Riddell helmets. You can view the segment at http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=7502903. The piece disappointed me. Yes, it’s […]

Concussion Inc. Flashback: Watch Dr. Joe (“nflhealthandsafety.com”) Maroon Perform the Perfect Neurological Exam!

(The second title of the Concussion Inc. ebook shorts series, UPMC: Concussion Scandal Ground Zero, is now available for $1.49 on Amazon Kindle, http://amzn.to/A0HQ2g, or as […]

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Probes UPMC’s Dr. Joseph Maroon, Whose Renaissance Man Portfolio Includes ‘Real Estate Mogul’

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is in the middle of a series examining the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s giant footprint on the local real estate market. “UPMC […]

Feds Indict Dr. Richard Rydze for Growth Hormone Trafficking — Old UPMC-Pittsburgh Steelers Colleague of ImPACT Concussion Management Charlatan Joseph Maroon

Here’s the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette account of Dr. Rydze’s indictment: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/local/region/pittsburgh-doctor-charged-in-ohio-with-improper-drug-distribution-658265/ Rydze made six-figure purchases of human growth hormone by credit card from Internet gray-market drug dealer […]

Wrestling Legend Bruno Sammartino, Patient of Dr. Joseph Maroon, Jeopardizes Legacy in New Relationship With WWE

Bruno Sammartino, pro wrestling’s “living legend,” has buried a two-decade-old hatchet and, at age 77, renewed his relationship with WWE and boss Vince McMahon. The deal […]

C.M. Punk Puts Spotlight Back on Dr. Maroon’s Team and WWE ‘Wellness Policy’

by Irvin Muchnick   The pro wrestling media did a good job of interpreting the verbal volleys in hours upon hours of recent podcasts by WWE […]

UPMC’s Dr. Maroon — ‘The White Coat Who Put the “Inc.” in “Concussion Inc.”‘

[T]hings only got better — or worse, depending on your perspective — in the person of Dr. Joseph Maroon, a neurosurgeon whose patient list spanned all […]

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