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Why Is New York Times Reporter Alan Schwarz So Defensive About NFL / WWE Concussion Profiteer Dr. Joseph Maroon?

In the course of his whiny, egotistical, and largely fact-free email complaint to me last Friday, Alan Schwarz of The New York Times said the following: […]

New York Times: No Comment on Reporter Alan Schwarz’s ‘Reasons’ for Soft Coverage of Concussion Doc Joseph Maroon

It is possible to argue that Dr. Joseph Maroon is a low-value target in the national sports concussion story. I would disagree with such an argument, […]

More of What Alan Schwarz of The New York Times Doesn’t Cover About the Inadequacy of Dr. Joseph Maroon’s ‘ImPACT’ Concussion Management

No doubt some casual readers of this blog think I’m doing an excessive metaphorical tap dance on Dr. Joseph Maroon, the visionary co-founder of ImPACT Applications, […]

New York Times Blacks Out Concussion Research Pioneer Bennet Omalu – While Coddling NFL / WWE Charlatan Joseph Maroon

New York Times reporter Alan Schwarz, May 27: “As far as I know your concern with the coverage stems only from your Maroon-connection-to-Riddell-study issue. [I know […]

Cageside Seats: Dr. Maroon’s ImPACT Clearance of Randy Orton for Tomorrow’s WWE Pay-Per-View ‘Questionable at Best’

“Randy Orton has been medically cleared for WWE Capitol Punishment” by David Bixenspan of Cageside Seats: http://www.cagesideseats.com/2011/6/18/2230917/randy-orton-has-been-medically-cleared-for-wwe-capitol-punishment

Comedy Central: NFL’s PR Video of Dr. Joseph Maroon Conducting the Perfect Neurological Exam

The National Football League’s new PR website, nflhealthandsafety.com, has a video demonstrating how Dr. Joseph Maroon, team neurosurgeon for the Pittsburgh Steelers, might examine a player […]

Slouching Toward Anti-Maroonism: Some More Gentle Criticism of ImPACT Testing

From Dustin Fink’s Concussion Blog: http://theconcussionblog.com/2011/07/05/more-research-for-multi-faceted-approach/

Your NFL And WWE Neurosurgeon, Joseph Maroon, in Action

World Wrestling Entertainment performer John Morrison returned to the tour little more than a month after undergoing neck surgery. The procedure – by WWE medical director […]

Two New Whoppers From the NFL’s and WWE’s Dr. Joseph Maroon

Dr. Joseph Maroon of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the National Football League and World Wrestling Entertainment and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center – also of […]

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