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‘Concussion Issue Reaches Critical Mass in American Culture and Politics’ (full text)

[originally published at Beyond Chron, November 12, http://www.beyondchron.org/articles/Concussion_Issue_Reaches_Critical_Mass_in_American_Culture_and_Politics_8668.html] by Irvin Muchnick Have you seen the new TV commercial from Toyota about concussions in football? The car […]

WWE’s Holiday Gift: ‘Tables, Ladders, and Chairs’

World Wrestling Entertainment – company of once-and-future Senate candidate Linda McMahon – closes out 2010 with the charming annual pay-per-view event “Tables, Ladders, and Chairs.” Let’s […]

Echoes of Benoit in UFC Fighter Sonnen’s Testosterone Replacement Therapy Claim

Last week brought the story of mixed martial artist Chael Sonnen’s appeal hearing before the California State Athletic Commission of his suspension and fine for his […]

Muchnick Flashback: WWE Docs Governed by ‘Private’ Pitt Med Center Ethics Policy

The post below was originally published here on March 31. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center doctors Joseph Maroon and Bryan Donohue, who head the clinical team […]

New Threats From WWE Lawyer Jerry McDevitt

Yesterday I received a package from Jerry McDevitt of K&L Gates, attorney for World Wrestling Entertainment. Below is the text of my response. At the bottom […]

Knocking Heads Together: WWE Is the Next Frontier of Sports Concussion Reform

How grimly appropriate that Brett Favre, this year’s poster boy for pro football angst both on and off the field, would be one of the two […]

Pitt Med Center Doctors’ Supplement Company and WWE Ties Skirt Ethics Policy

by Irvin Muchnick After surviving a stern electoral test from World Wrestling Entertainment mogul Linda McMahon, Connecticut’s new U.S. senator, former state attorney general Richard Blumenthal, […]

View Dr. Bryan Donohue’s Untouched Website Templates

World Wrestling Entertainment, the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and cardiologist Bryan Donohue and neurologist Joseph Maroon have not commented on my […]

Dear Senator Udall: Help Coordinate Concussion and Steroid Investigations

Below is the text of a fax sent today to Senator Tom Udall, Democrat of New Mexico. Dear Senator Udall:   As someone with a public […]

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