Speedskating Chief Told Anti-Abuse Activist To Send Andy Gabel Media Inquiries To Him — Then Weaseled When We Called Him About It

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by Irvin Muchnick


Speedskater Rob Plum, one of the group who filed a complaint with U.S. Speedskating calling for the banning of Hall of Famer Andy Gabel, who is multiply accused of molesting female skaters under his supervision, is angry at USS executive director Ted Morris – and you can’t blame Plum.

In an email less than a month ago, on November 10, Morris wrote to Plum, in part:


“To the extent that you or any of the ‘claimants’ are approached by the media to comment on any potential investigation of Mr. Gabel, we ask that you refer them to me so I can speak on behalf of USS, on the actions that have been taken to date and are ongoing to protect our membership.”


Yet when Concussion Inc. asked Morris for comment this week, he threw the whole matter back in the laps of the complainants. In the wake of the Gabel hearing panel’s ruling, Morris wondered “why do you need a response from USS …?”

The full Plum-Morris email exchange is viewable at http://muchnick.net/morrisemail.pdf.

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