Cover of Forthcoming ‘Concussion Inc.: The End of Football As We Know It’

WWE Wrestler’s New Concussion Lawsuit Recalls Company’s NFL Link and Its Own Corporate and Individual Lies
October 28, 2014
‘The NFL Concussion Settlement Is Pure Evil’
October 29, 2014
The End of Football As We Know It


“As fans, do we just sit around and wait until,
say,Tom Brady murders his family
and himself on the 50-yard line on
national television? (Of course, it doesn’t
count if it’s 10 years after he retires.)”



This compilation from Muchnick’s no-holds-barred investigative website
reveals the complete head injury story as it developed. Read about
the NFL and WWE doctor who played fast and loose with the facts about
the efficacy of the state-mandated concussion management system for high
school football players. Discover that other highly touted solutions
are also just self-serving cottage industries.


 TEOFAWKI_booksIrvin Muchnick’s books have spurred Congressional
investigations and influenced two United States Senate races.
He is also the lead res- pondent of the 2010 Supreme Court
decision Reed Elsevier v. Muchnick, which became part of an
historic copyright case on behalf of free- lance writers.

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