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October 24, 2014
Flashback: How the USA Swimming Sexual Abuse Scandals Became a Federal Case
October 26, 2014

“… [T]he USA Swimming sex abuse saga is the most under-covered scandal in sports. The Penn State crisis, no matter how vile and sinister, is a fraction of the breadth of USA Swimming’s history of sexual abuse by coaches and ensuing – and documented – cover-up by USA Swimming officials….

“Julia Krahe, spokesperson for Rep. Miller, when responding to a query related to future steps that Congress might take, stated: ‘He (Miller) intends to see Congress continue its focus on this critical issue, informed by the committee’s investigation and the results of the pending GAO report, and is working with his colleagues toward that end. One valuable next step would be for Chairman [John] Kline [R-Minn.] to call a committee hearing on the issue of sex abuse of children in athletic programs, schools, or any setting outside the home, as Rep. Miller has repeatedly requested.’…”


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