Yahoo Sports Columnist Adelson Interviews Swimming Hall of Fame Board Member Opposed to Chuck Wielgus Induction – Meanwhile, Hall Prez and Board Chair Are Missing in Action

Yahoo Sports Covers Chuck Wielgus Hall of Fame Protest
May 30, 2014
Why Would They Want to Bring Up Will Colebank? (1 – The Lies of Chuck Wielgus and USA Swimming)
May 30, 2014

by Irvin Muchnick


One of the most valuable aspects of Eric Adelson’s Yahoo Sports story on the Chuck Wielgus protest to the International Swimming Hall of Fame is the note that the signatories of the sex abuse victims’ petition include Hall board member Terry Carlisle:


At least one member of the board of the Hall of Fame is against Wielgus’ induction. Terry Carlisle, who has coached swimming at the high school and college level for 25 years, told Yahoo Sports he will be at the induction ceremony in June and “I hope I don’t see Chuck Wielgus.”

“This has been happening for a long, long time,” Carlisle said of the sexual abuse issues within USA Swimming. “It’s very much like the Penn State situation. They know this abuse is going on. What they do is the administrators pretend they’re not really aware of it. Administrators in sports don’t act unless there’s real criticism.”

Carlisle said he asked the Hall of Fame in February not to induct Wielgus.

“I was really concerned that if we inducted him and this thing exploded,” Carlisle said, “the Hall of Fame would be under a lot of shame.”


Concussion Inc. earlier today emailed Hall director Bruce Wigo and board chairman Donna de Varona seeking elaboration on the form and timeline of their promised “review” of the Women’s Sports Foundation anti-Wielgus petition. Neither Wigo nor de Varona has responded.


Complete headline links to our coverage of the Women’s Sports Foundation petition to the International Swimming Hall of Fame are at the bottom of the post “Chuck Wielgus Belongs in the Hall of Justice, Not the Hall of Fame,”

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