New Dustin Perry Sighting: USA Swimming Job Application in Alaska

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March 12, 2014
Based on Concussion Inc.’s Reports, Alaska Swim Club Rejects Dustin Perry Coach Application
March 13, 2014

by Tim Joyce and Irvin Muchnick

Dustin Perry, the swimming coach who recently disappeared from the pool deck in Carson City, Nevada — in the middle of a Concussion Inc. investigation of his past USA Swimming suspension, multinational travels, peculiar living arrangements with swimmers, and other questionable conduct — has resurfaced. Multiple sources told us that Perry recently applied for a lifeguard and aquatics director position, which would also include USA Swimming club coaching duties, in remote Craig, Alaska.

Board members of the Craig Waverunners contacted Susan Woessner, USA Swimming director of safe sport, after at least one of the directors read our coverage. According to these sources, Woessner stressed that “we don’t make recommendations about coaches.”

Woessner also told Perry’s prospective new employer that his recent alleged infractions (either in Pocatello, Idaho, or Carson City, or both) were merely “administrative.”

We’ll let you know what more we find out about Perry’s Alaska job application.  At this post you can find complete links to our coverage of Perry:

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