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Arizona State University Appears to Have Kicked Mike Chasson’s Sun Devil Aquatics — Former Home of Rapist Swim Coach Greg Winslow — Out of the Campus Aquatic Center
January 3, 2014
Dangling Police Investigation of Cal Football Player-on-Player Attack Only Multiplies Questions of University Cover-Up
January 7, 2014

“… The physical plant of a competition-caliber pool, with overhead costs for personnel, maintenance, power, chemical treatment, and heating, is simply not sustainable without multiple uses, of course, and very few USA Swimming clubs could raise the capital to build such complexes in the first place. So it is understandable that outside institutions, mainly public ones, take on youth club tenants.

But the existence of what effectively amount to massive subsidies for USA Swimming — whose executive director Chuck Wielgus pulls down $800,000 a year and commands a bloated and similarly overpaid staff, who devote most of their time to negotiating licensing deals — is problematic. This is, in fact, a ‘sports welfare’ issue, every bit as much as the widely and justifiably criticized municipal underwriting of professional sports team stadiums and arenas.

The subsidies get cast in an even harsher light once the public becomes fully aware that sweetheart deals for amateur youth organizations also subsidize, indirectly, sexual abuse of far too many of our children, thanks to the national Olympic system’s lack of oversight and accountability for the governing bodies that fall under USOC’s umbrella….”

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