Sports Illustrated Takes the Plunge on USA Swimming Sex Abuse

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October 16, 2013
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October 17, 2013

Better news than California Governor Jerry Brown’s weekend veto of a state law adjusting the statute of limitations for sexual abuse cases is the fact that the new issue of Sports Illustrated has added to the media chorus supporting Congressman George Miller’s probe of USA Swimming.

“Justice Underserved” is the headline over the one-page article by senior writer Kelli Anderson.

The piece is behind the SI paywall online. Here’s the concluding paragraph of an article that tracks some of the same territory Concussion Inc. is covering on the cover-up of disappeared Olympic team coach Everett Uchiyama:

“USA Swimming, which has beefed up its athlete-protection program since 2010, may have dodged a bullet with the scuttling of SB 131. But the scrutiny into its methods won’t end with the veto. In June, Congressman George Miller (D., Calif.) asked the federal General Accountability Office to look into state-by-state reporting laws and how youth sports organizations handle sex-abuse allegations. “SB 131 may have died,” says the bill’s sponsor Jim Beall, “but the cause to stop childhood sexual abuse and those who cover it up does not end today.”

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