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Benoit Anniversary — Why It’s Important (at SLAM! Wrestling)
June 10, 2009
Batista, Master of the Torn Triceps … And Bicep
June 11, 2009

SHAWN RYU: Hello, I read your article on Slam! website, and to be honest, I find it harder and harder to read your articles each and every time you publish one on the website. Your hate for WWE and McMahons are simply ridiculous. I am not their biggest fan or anything, but the tone of your article suggests that McMahons are to blame for everything wrong with pro-wrestling at the moment. Some blame should go to McMahons yes, but the wrestlers make their own decisions. They choose to use steroids. Until they prove 100% that McMahons forced them to use steroids McMahons should not be completely legally responsible. These wrestlers wanted to work for WWE. They chose to use steroids. Is Vince McMahon partially responsible? I dont know. Nor shall anyone else outside of WWE including yourself.

YOUR HUMBLE BLOGGER: Thanks for your feedback. May I publish it with attribution on my blog?

SHAWN RYU: Sure as long as you keep the E-mail address hidden. I dont mean to insult you. I think you are a great writer. Its just a difference of opinion that I thought I had to adress.

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