Dougherty in New Jersey: The Lawsuit Settlement That Future-of-Football Commentators Should Be Talking About

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“The family of a Montclair High School football player who died two days after collapsing in a 2008 junior varsity game agreed Monday to settle its lawsuit against the school and the township’s Board of Education for $2.8 million, the family’s lawyer said.”

Though the National Football League’s recent $765 million settlement with thousands of retired players hogs the headlines, the resolution of the Ryne Dougherty case is a much more telling harbinger of football’s future.

Not mentioned in the news account cited above is that this case involved more than the liability of a public school system for wrongful death. It also exposed the expensive futility of newfangled “concussion awareness” measures, such as the quack ImPACT “concussion management system.”

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Published August 18th, 2011

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