A Twitter Dialogue on Max Boot’s Miserable Wall Street Journal Essay, ‘In Defense of Football’

EXCLUSIVE: USA Swimming’s PR Firm, Ground Floor Media, Has Been Paid at Least $13,000 by the Office of the Colorado State Child Protection Ombudsman
August 16, 2013
Original NFL Concussion Quack, Elliot Pellman, Was Commissioner Tagliabue’s Doc: ESPN’s ‘Outside the Lines’
August 18, 2013


Want to invite @maxboot to see new film “United States of Football.” Or read work of @patrick_hruby. Boot’s piece. http://m.us.wsj.com/articles/a/SB10001424127887324085304579011072125138740?mg=reno64-wsj …



@EdgeofSports @MaxBoot Sorry, it’s just very hard for me to take any piece that calls the NFL “capitalism at its finest” seriously.



@patrick_hruby @EdgeofSports @MaxBoot Awful, awful piece. Compares deaths from lightning strikes & cars. Several points on this (cont.).



@patrick_hruby @EdgeofSports @MaxBoot (1) Football’s death numbers low-balled. (2) Nature of activity what’s important, not raw #’s. (cont.)



@patrick_hruby @EdgeofSports @MaxBoot Might as well say more die from esophagal cancer than capital punishment. (3) most important, (cont.)



@patrick_hruby @EdgeofSports @MaxBoot Death is far from the only measure of FB’s public health costs. “Corporate socialism at its finest.”

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