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EXCLUSIVE: Internal USA Swimming Memo Exposes Plan for New PR Strategy to Combat Negative ‘Perceptions’ of Safe Sport Program
August 2, 2013
Swimmer-Blogger Tony Austin on USASwimmiLeaks
August 2, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: USA Swimming memo exposes new PR strategy to combat negative “perceptions” of Safe Sport efforts … 

Read the memo on @USA_Swimming‘s new PR strategy on sex abuse exclusively here: ….

(1) @usa_swimming chief Wielgus: “This updated action plan represents a significant shift in our strategy to date.” 

(2) @USA_Swimming chief Wielgus: “goal of improving the overall perceptions.” 

(3) @USA_Swimming chief Wielgus: “our strategy has been to decline interviews related to sexual misconduct cases.” 

(4) @USA_Swimming chief: “put Executive Director and Director of Safe Sport through intensive media training program.” 

(5) @USA_Swimming chief Wielgus: “simplifying the Safe Sport messaging with the mantra EDUCATE, PREVENT & PROTECT.” 

(6) @USA_Swimming chief Wielgus: “just as we can talk about Business Plan, now able to do likewise with Safe Sport.” 

(7) @USA_Swimming chief Wielgus: “when issue of sexual misconduct arises, there’s flare-up of local media attention.” 

(8) @USA_Swimming chief Wielgus: “direct PR and crisis communication resources from our partner, Ground Floor Media.” 

(9) @USA_Swimming chief Wielgus: “we estimate the expenses could run between $100K and $200K.” 

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