Words of Michael Phelps’ Coach, Bob Bowman, to the Mother of the Alleged Victim in the February 2012 North Baltimore Aquatic Club Incident

More on Harassment of the Alleged Victim Prior to the Disputed 2012 North Baltimore Aquatic Club Incident
August 1, 2013
P.S.: Allentown Morning Call Has Not Reported District Attorney Martin’s Statements That Criticisms of Jimmy Snuka Case Investigator Gerry Procanyn Are ‘Unfounded’
August 1, 2013

… We will not be held to your standard of moral superiority nor those of any other single member. NBAC is not a public school or institution. It is a private club whose members choose to join and participate and are also free to choose to join another organization if the program does not meet their personal needs. …”

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