Muchnick at Who Was Driving Jimmy Snuka’s Car? — Intriguing Cold-Case Question

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July 20, 2013
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July 26, 2013

Trying to make sense out of Jimmy Snuka’s verbal nonsense is always fraught. But in one of the YouTube interviews promoting his recently published autobiography, the Superfly seems to suggest that he was driving the purple Lincoln Continental in May 1983 after his girlfriend, Nancy Argentino, purportedly fell at a roadside pee stop and hit her head. In this version – let’s call it version 4(b)(2) of Snuka’s kaleidoscopic accounts of Nancy’s death – they drove on the rest of the way to Whitehall, Pennsylvania, and he called an ambulance. See

Anyone with even a low-functioning b.s. detector can identify at least a couple of problems here. For one, the ambulance wasn’t summoned until after Snuka returned late the following night from the then WWF television tapings at the Ag Hall in Allentown – in other words, more than 24 hours later.


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